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Digital TV Project at LIFIA

LIFIA is a research lab that offers its IT knowledge and products to the national and international academic and business communities. It was founded in 1998 within the National University of La Plata, Argentina.

Since 2009 LIFIA is researching and developing software products and services related to Digital TV, in charge of software development needs for the Digital TV National Government Project.

LIFIA Digital TV team activities:

  • LIFIA leads the development of Ginga.ar, a free - licensed as GPL - Ginga-NCL middleware implementation derived from the ginga-ncl reference implementation developed by the Telemidia Lab from PUC-Rio (Brasil).
  • LIFIA develops interactive Digital TV Applications for Ginga with NCL and Lua
  • LIFIA offers training to universities and companies about Ginga and best practices for developing digital TV interactive applications using Ginga-NCL